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- Version Change-logs

[2010-09-29] Changes in Avatar-Online HUD - Version 3.1.54

[NEW] *** The HUD now works in NO-SCRIPT areas too, so you can at all times know who’s online nomatter where you are. (Adding NEW names will NOT work in NO-SCRIPT areas tho, so be sure to be on script enabled land when adding new names)

[FIXED] *** Emails would sometimes randomly change sender-name. This has now been fixed.

[IMPROVED] *** Improved updater system

[IMPROVED] *** Fixed various other small problems and tweaked the engine a little.

[2010-09-07] Changes in Avatar-Online HUD - Version 3.0.48

[NEW] *** iPhone Push-Message system added. If you own a iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can now get INSTANT alerts whenever someone gets online or offline.

>>> Read the How to use iPhone section on this web-site to learn how to use it

[NEW] *** Completely rewritten scanner-core

[NEW] *** Major improved CPU and memory usage, much lower lag, much lower memory usage

[NEW] *** You can now hide all the offline users to make your screen less cluttered if you got a lot of avatars in the HUD

>>> Click HUD, then click “Settings”, then click “hideOffline” to activate this function

[NEW] *** When you click on the “Add” button in, you will now get a easy scanner that you can use to easy add people that are close to your avatar. The avatars must be within 96 meters for this to work. You can still use the old way to add people too, by using the /3add command.

[NEW] *** If the HUD fails to find the key with the /3add command, you can now use the internal key scanner to get it. No need for extra key-scanner anymore.

[NEW] *** Added a easy backup and transfer system. This will make it much easier to transfer all avatars and settings to a new HUD or to your alt-characters..

>>> To use it, click HUD, then click “Settings” and then click “Backup” or “Restore”. Read the FAQ page on this web-site for more information.

[NEW] *** Converted all the documentation to web-based documentation to ensure you get the most updated information at all times

[NEW] *** Added ability to configure the email-alert with a command.

>>> Use command /3email + email
>>> Example: /3email
>>> Use “/3email remove” to remove the email alert again

[FIXED] *** The HUD could in some cases make teleports go very slow, this has now been completely fixed

[FIXED] *** Fixed some problems where avatar-names mysteriously got swapped around in email alerts

[FIXED] *** The error message “Database-Timeout” that occurs when the region experiences extreme lag instead of the avatar name has been fixed.

[FIXED] *** When you use hideText command, the HUD will now hide absolutely all the text.


Got any other questions not answered in the documentation? Please read the customer-support section.