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- Frequently asked questions

Question: How can I easy transfer my existing data from my old HUD into the the new HUD I just received from the update-server?

Answer: There are two ways to do this:


1: If your old HUD is newer than version 3.0:

(a): Make sure your avatar is located on a parcel that allows rezzing of objects
(b): Wear your old HUD and click on the HUD button to get the menu
(c): Click on “Settings” to bring up the settings sub-menu
(d): Click on “Backup”
(e): When the rezzed backup-unit says it’s finished backing up your data, right-click on it and take it into your inventory

(f): Wear your new HUD and click on the HUD button
(g): Click on “Settings” and then click “Restore”
(h): When the HUD tells you to rez the backup-unit, please do so and follow the instructions on-screen.


2: If your old HUD is older than version 3.0,

(a): First click on the old HUD and then click “dumpData”.
(b): Then open your chat-history window with Control+H.
(c): Select all the avatar keys from the chat history and copy it into clipboard with Control+C
(d): Wear your new HUD and right-click on it and select “edit”
(e): Go into “contents” tab in edit window and open the notecard with name “avatar-UUID-list”
(f): Paste the clipboard into the notecard with Control+V on your keyboard
(g): Click on “Save” and then close the notecard and then close the edit-window.
(h): The HUD will now reset and load your old data into your new HUD.


Question: Can I hide the hover-text?

Answer: Yes! Just click the HUD button, then click “hideText” to hide all the hover-text. Click on “showText” again to enable the text again.

Question: Can I hide all the avatars that is offline? My screen is so cluttered with all the offline avatars!

Answer: Yes! Just click the HUD button, then click “Settings” and then click “hideOffline”. To show the offline users again, just click “showOffline”.

Question: When I use /3 + name command to add people, the avatar does not get added. What’s wrong?

Answer: Be sure you write the full name without any spelling errors. If you still got problems adding with the command, you should use this alternative method instead:

1: Teleport to where the avatar you want to add is located.
2: Stand within 96 meter of the avatar
3: Click on the HUD button on your screen and then click on “Add” command in the menu.
4: Click on the desired name to add in the popup menu that appears.

Question: The email-notifications seems not to work properly, what’s wrong?

Answer: There are various things that might be wrong:

1: You have mis-spelled your email address. please double-check your spelling.

2: Your email has a spam-filter that prevents the alerts from reaching you. Many popular web-based email accounts like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft Live etc seems to classify emails sent from Secondlife gadgets as spam by default. Please check your spam filter, and also make sure you have whitelisted the secondlife-address in the filters.

3: Sometimes the Secondlfie email server stops working in a particular SIM/Region due to extreme lag. The current only way to fix this is by requesting a SIM-Reboot from the SIM-Owner.

4: If all above fails, I recommend using the HUD’s built-in log-file system instead, or if you got a iPhone, iPot Touch or iPad you can use the HUD’s built-in iPhone Push-Message alerts instead. Generally the iPhone Push-Message alert system is much more stable on long term than the secondlife email system.


Got any other questions not answered in the documentation? Please read the customer-support section.