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- Transfer’o’Tronic

How to use it

If the transfer'O'tronic detects a compatible product nearby, it will automatically pop up a user-friendly interface within 5 seconds after rezzing, that will guide you through the data-transfer process. Within 2-3 clicks your new product is up and running. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

What is Tansfer'O'Tronic?
This is the heart of the advanced new-generation upgrade-technology soon contained within all gadgets & products from Conover's GadgetShop. It will give the customer incredible easy and fast way to upgrade to new versions of the products without loosing any stored data at all!

Just follow the easy menu-driven interface that automatically pops up whenever the transfer'O'tronic system detects a compatible product nearby (10 meter range) after rezzing the new product in-world. Within seconds your new upgrade or replacement will function just as if it was the old original rezzed product! You don't even need to run around putting out new sensors in my remote-controlled gadgets! It all gets transferred into the new rezzed product within seconds!

No more manual reconfiguration of ANY important data or settings at all! It just can't get any easier! This technology is ground-breaking and hopefully will set a new level of standard for super-easy and fully automatic upgrades and replacements of any product bought from Conover's GadgetShop.

I, Thomas Conover, the creator strive to give my customers state-of-the art products. Thank you so much for all the feedback so far! Without your important feedback and patriotic loyalty toward my products, this technology would never been born! Finally, with this transfer'O'tronic technology, I can focus on faster development of new features and gadgets without ever worrying about upgrade problems anymore. This is a win-win position. Customers gets seamless and super-fast upgrades, and me the creator can focus my time on developing new features in a faster and more efficient way than ever before.

I am so thrilled to finally release this new-generation of upgrade technology. It will permanently end all your worries about upgrading! That's for sure! *GRIN* ;)

Technical information for techy-freaks
What exactly does transfer'O'tronic got "under it's hood"?

- Automatically detects all compatible products within 10 meter range
- Does NOT interfere with other owner's similar products nearby
- Does NOT interfere with incompatible products
- All data gets transferred by encryption - nobody can eavesdrop the transfer.