Full-SIM Object-Scanner - Version Change-logs

[2014-07-25] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.18.348

[FIXED 1.18.348] *** Fixed some unexpected changes which my server-hosting corp had changed in such a way that the scanner was no longer able to connect to the DNS-resolver. This solves the problem with connecting to your scanners inside Secondlife.

[2012-07-05] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.17.347

[IMPROVED 1.17.347] *** Improved HTTP connection-stability while performing full-sim scans on computers with intermittent DSL connections.

[IMPROVED 1.17.347] *** Cleaner and slightly improved overall look of the GUI in the object-scanner window and in search-window.

[IMPROVED 1.17.347] *** New and improved bug-report / feedback module, with much easier and quicker sending of feedback and bugs.

[NEW 1.17.347] *** Improved details-view for the main-map in the object-browser main-window. Now you got a new listbox below the map to see much more details while hovering your mouse on the map. To scroll the listbox data, use your mouse scroll-wheel while the mouse is hovering over the map.

[NEW 1.17.347] *** When loading a snapshot of a SIM scan, the scanner will now properly warn you if it needs to connect and gather more data to update it's caches.

[NEW 1.17.347] *** Added ability to save/export map-images from the "map" menu, it will save the maps as PNG format so you can perform further manipulation of the image in your favorite image processing software.

[2011-11-20] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.16.337

[FIXED 1.16.337] *** Fixed some rare exception-crashes in some deeper level sub-threads that handles the visual window graphics updates.

[FIXED 1.16.337] *** Parcel-Details refresh - Fixed a bug where the parcel-details did not correctly clear the results when moving to another sim while the scanner is still connected to the HUD.

[NEW 1.16.337] *** Connection manager - Added ability to go directly to the Connection Manager from the main-window when you run the scanner software. Then you can more quickly connect to already stored connections without the need of manually opening a new scanner etc. You will find the new Connection Manager option in the "Tools" drop-down menu in the small main "UGC" window.

[NEW 1.16.337] *** Added ability to turn on/off sound-effects in preferences.

[NEW 1.16.337] *** Added adjustable Parcel-details auto-refresh in preferences (Default refresh set to 30 days)

Set this to change how often parcel-details and parcel-shapes cache will be automatically refreshed when scanning SIM's. The parcel-details cache contains information about parcel-shapes, parcel-permissions, parcel-owners, size, owners, settings etc.

Refreshing of this data normally takes a couple minutes.

Choose a refresh-delay of your choice in preferences, depending on if you want the scanner to run as fast as possible (set a high refresh-delay like 30 days or more), or if you want to be sure the parcel-data is always up-to-date (set a low refresh-delay like every day).

You can adjust this new auto-refresh in preferences, by selecting "Preferences" in the drop-down menu of the "Tools" in UGC main-window menu, or by selecting "Preferences" from the "Commands..." drop-down menu in the main scanner menu.

The default refresh-delay is set to 30 days.

[2011-10-22] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.15.335

[FIXED 1.15.335] *** Using the "Clear Results" command also made the parcel-details tab to get cleared. This has now been fixed and should now work correctly.

[FIXED 1.15.335] *** When loading snapshots or comparing snapshots, the SIM name got changed which resulted in malfunctioning teleport commands etc. This has now been fixed and should now work correctly.

[FIXED 1.15.335] *** After loading or comparing a snapshot, and then trying to connect to a scanner HUD in the same SIM as the snapshot was created, the scanner cleared all the results. This has now been fixed and connecting should now work as it should by keeping the existing results.

[NEW 1.15.335] *** Added "Script time [% Lag]" and "Prims" fields in the HTML and CSV exports in parcel-details tab. Now you can easy share this important data too.

[NEW 1.15.335] *** Major overhaul of all file-operations (reading/writing/disk-caches etc). Added a more advanced error-handler for all file-operations too. This means, if the application detects any kind of errors related to file-operations, for example if certain files are locked, wrong permissions, unable to read/write due to data-corruption etc, the error-handler will instantly kick in and start doing its work informing you what's wrong. It also contains auto-repair system which attempts to repair any problems found with file-operations.

This should make sure I can more effectively help anyone who might have a faulty file-system on their computers.

[2011-08-20] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.14.330

PS! You will also need to update your Secondlife Scanner-HUD to benefit of some of the improvements in this version!

[NEW 1.14.330] *** Real script-time measurements and object lag-calculations! Now the scanner works 100% identical as the “Top Scripts” in Estate Tools. This powerful statistics has previously only been available for Private SIM Owners and Estate Managers, but are now finally available this Object-Scanner too. And best of all, it works anywhere, even on mainland SIM’s, and can be used by anyone!

[NEW 1.14.330] *** Redesigned the web-documentation to reflect all changes recently. It is highly recommended to visit the web-site and real all the new documentation to get the most out of this powerful scanner.

[2011-07-16] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.12.325

[FIXED 1.12.325] *** Some group-names with special ASCII-characters failed to resolve. This is now fixed.

[FIXED 1.12.325] *** The export would completely fail to finish, if some of the group-keys was not able to resolve. This has now been fixed and the export of CSV and HTML reports should now work regardless of the status of the keys.

[NEW 1.12.325] *** Added total bytes transferred statistics when hovering the mouse over the small comms-indicator at right side of "Manager" button in main-scanner window.

[NEW 1.12.325] *** Added "ParcelName" and coordinate for the parcel in CSV and HTML export-reports. The new parcel-name field is located at the very last segment in order to keep the data-format compatible with people who already use the format for further analysis in their own software, like spreadsheets etc.

[NEW 1.12.325] *** Added ability to graphically show "Abandoned Linden-Land" on the map in the "Parcel Details" tab of the main-scanner window. To use this new feature, go to the "Parcel Details" tab, then select "Abandoned Linden-Land" in the popup-menu of the "Control" group just below the map-image.

[NEW 1.12.325] *** Added some better descriptions of the various changeable settings in the "Start SIM Scan" window. You can now hover your mouse on top of each setting to get more information on how to use them.

[NEW 1.12.325] *** Added ability to change scanning-resolutions for the Full-SIM scanner / Parcel-Scanner.

When you push the "Start SIM Scan" and the SIM-scan configuration-window is open, you will see a new popup-menu at the right side of the start-button where you can choose a different scan-resolution mode.

You can choose between 3 different modes now. "1 x High-Res", "4 x High-Res" and"16 x High-Res".

"1x High-Res" is the normal factory-default mode witch has always been used in previous versions of the scanner.

"4 x High-Res" mode uses 4 x times amount of drones and 4 x higher resolution of the scanner sensors inside them. This mode will find more objects if you are in a sim that has a high amount of primes close together. Use this mode if you have trouble finding all objects with the normal "1 x High-Rez" mode. This has a cost tho, slower speed. It will use at least double amount of time as the High-Res mode to finish.

"16 x High-Res" mode uses 16 x times amount of drones and 16 x higher resolution of the scanner sensors inside them. Use this mode if you still seem to not find all objects with the other two modes. Beware tho, "16 x High-Res" is REALLY SLOW compared to the other two modes, so you better get yourself a couple of cups of coffee while waiting.

[2011-05-10] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.11.321

(Linux fix release only)

[FIXED 1.11.321] *** User-interface was having severe graphical distortion in Ubuntu 11.04. This has now been fixed and should now work correctly.

Send bug-reports etc at: http://thomasconover.userecho.com/

[2011-05-08] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.11.320

[IMPROVED 1.11.320] *** Avatar Display Names are now filtered out so that the search-results will be less confusing. Only the original avatar login-names will be shown now.

[NEW FEATURE 1.10.320] *** Easier bug-reporting and requesting new features. You will now find a small clickable link at the top right side of the scanner windows where you can click and get directly to a new and easier online-forum. You can add bug-reports, new feature requests and feedback there.

[NEW FEATURE 1.11.320] *** Removing of selected objects from the result-list has been added. Now you can right-click on entries in the main object-browser and select "Remove from Result-list" to remove any objects from the results without the need to do a complete rescan. This is a great feature to use if you are running around and checking objects etc.

[2011-03-15] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.10.317

[IMPROVED 1.10.317] *** Made some improvements to how the key2name resolver works on windows computers. A few Microsoft windows 7 users had problems getting avatar names to show, this will fix this problem.

[NEW FEATURE 1.10.317] *** Added proper debugging of the key2name resolver system

[NEW FEATURE 1.10.317] *** Made a proper file-format for the debugger so we can easy receive the file from the user and investigate it.

[NEW FEATURE 1.10.317] *** Make sure if the secondlife.com fails with avatar names, jump it up to mode 2 so it uses the internal HUD instead as fallback mode

[NEW FEATURE 1.10.317] *** Made a keycache analyzer when loading the cache, and filter out any wrongly saved entries if found

[NEW FEATURE 1.10.317] *** Changed the looks of the main window control slightly. Replaced the single-push buttons with a smaller popup-menu system instead.

[2011-03-06] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.10.311

[NEW FEATURE 1.10.311] *** Added ability to export all the parcel-details. Supports both CSV and HTML formats. To use it, go to the "parcel-details" tab in the main-scanner window, then click "menu" located at left top side of the mini-map and choose "Export parcel-details to file" and follow the instructions on your screen.

[IMPROVED 1.10.311] *** Simplified and improved the userfriendliness of the greif-checker system by adding a easy to read parcel-flag details list below the list of parcels in the "parcel-details" tab. The old system was way too cumbersome and hard to use. I hope this new system will enable you to keep your SIM's safe and sound in a much quicker way that before.

[2011-01-12] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.9.307

PS! You only need to update the software running on your computer in this update. There is no need to update your secondlife HUD this time.

[NEW FEATURE 1.9.307] *** Added a new datafield in object-browser that shows if the object has correct group activated or not (Field-Name: CorrectGroup)

[NEW FEATURE 1.9.307] *** Added a Preferences window, and added cache maintenance options, like clearing picture cache, clearing parcel-data cache etc.

[IMPROVED 1.9.307] *** Fixed some GUI bugs in the Object-Details window so that information looks better.

[IMPROVED 1.8.306] *** On Mac OS X, some of the datafields in object details window was too big, >>> obj key, group key, coordinates. Fixed.

[IMPROVED 1.8.306] *** Improved progressbar system >>> Now the progress-bar should be more reliable when using full-sim scans.

(1.8.305) IMPROVED: Speed-optimized the export functions. About 500% faster now when handling large amount of objects.

(1.8.303) NEW: Added "Scripts" and "Memory" data-fields to the HTML and CSV exports.

[2010-12-14] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.8.302

PS! You will need to upgrade BOTH UniversalController software AND the Scanner-HUD in this release to be able to use/get all the new features.

External software version: V1.8.302
Secondlife HUD version: V2.0.250

(Thank you all for the invaluable feedback I have gotten from you all in the survey last week. I have now gone through them all and added/fixed the stuff I decided as being the most time critical stuff to do. There is still a lot of suggestions left, some of them requires a lot of development-time and those will be researched and added, if possible, in the next planned update after christmas is finished.)

[NEW] *** Added Two more data-fields in the object-list. "Scripts" and "Memory". These two new fields will enable you to instantly see just how many active scripts each object contains, and it will show you exactly how much memory each object consumes in the SIM. A general rule of thumb by this information is, the higher amount of scripts/memory in an object, the higher chance it is these objects causes unnecessary lag onto the SIM. You will also be able to see exactly how many scripts and how much memory each avatar that is found consumes too.

[NEW] *** Added "Total scripts found" and "Total consumed memory" statistics at the bottom of the search-window.

[NEW] *** Added "Total scripts found" and "Total consumed memory" below the map in the "SIM Statistics" tab.

[NEW] *** The auto-refresh of the parcel-shapes and parcel-data are now by default NOT automatically refreshed every 24 hours as the previous version did. Click on the "map" popup menu on top of the map and use command "Refresh Parcel-Borders" to force the scanner to refresh manually if needed. This change will make the everyday-usage of the scanner much faster.

[NEW] *** Added ability to click on map and use command "Show Objects at Parcel" in the map-view of the main-scanner itself, and not just in parcel-details window. This will make the map-controls feel more consistent throughout all the tabs.

[NEW] *** Added ability to click on map and use "Show Objects at Parcel" in the map-view of the "SIM Statistics" tab to easy show all objects from a specific owner in a particular parcel. This will make the map-controls feel more consistent throughout all the tabs.

[NEW] *** Added a "ParcelName" data-field in the object-list. This will make it much easier for you to sort objects by witch parcel the objects are located. This field has been added to both main object-browser window and the search-window.

[IMPROVED] *** The operating-system dependent sorting-routines in list-boxes seemed to consume unnecessary amount of CPU if it attempted to sort columns with thousands of objects with identical values. I decided to add a "clever data randomizer" for these columns just before the sorting event gets triggered in order to fool the internal OS-Dependent sorting-routines to work faster. This should fix the problem with temporary "lockups" of the GUI on some platforms. As a side-effect you might notice the values in these columns to briefly change into random-numbers and then back again to original values after the sorting is finished. This is just a visual side-effect, and will not affect the operation of the system itself.

[FIXED] *** Linux version had a malfunctioning "Load SnapShot" and "Compare SnapShot". This was due to unexpected differences in the cross-platform compiler being used. This has now been fixed and these functions should now work as supposed on Linux too.

[2010-10-21] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.7.286

[NEW] *** Advanced automatic GRIEFER/vulnerability analyzer. Please read documentation on website for more information

[NEW] *** Complete new documentation has been created. Visit web/site to read it.

[FIXED] *** Fixed the bug where the map image does not refresh after its finished gathering parcel-data.

[NEW] *** Converted all the command-buttons into a more easy and user-friendly popup-menu in the main-browser window. Read the new web/docs to learn more.

[NEW] *** Converted the "map" checkbox into a more advanced map-configuration popup-menu in the main-browser window. Read web/docs for more info.

[NEW] *** Added a command to force the scanner to download a fresh map-image (Click on the map popup menu above the map, then click "Refresh Map-Image")

[NEW] *** Modularized tips-wizard system that shows more info when needed.

[NEW] *** added ability to left-click directly on the map itself and teleport to a specific position/parcel
[NEW] *** added ability to left-click directly on map and show objects from the parcel
[NEW] *** added ability to left-click directly on map to select&show objects at the mouse/position

[NEW] *** The parcel-details tab has now been fully finished and contains many new powerful tools for maintaining parcel/configurations etc. Please read web/docs for more information.

[NEW] *** - after each parcel-scan is finished, check for severe misconfigurations and alert the user if any found.
[NEW] *** Automatic check for allowTerraform

[NEW] *** if the parcel-data is older than 24 hours, and connected to a SL scanner HUD, perform a auto-refresh.

[NEW] *** added a "Teleport to Object" menu-item in the object-browser and search-window list

[NEW] *** added ability to SHOW all objects within a certain radius of the mouse position on the map in the left-click map menus

[NEW] *** when entering search-words, the update should be 1 seconds delayed
[NEW] *** use a thread to update search/results to avoid window lockup

+++ many more improvements under the hood.

[2010-09-22] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.6.248

PS! This is a critical-update! You MUST update both the software AND the Secondlife-HUD to ensure all functions will work correctly!

[FIXED] *** The name2key resolver system stopped working due to that Linden Labs changed how they stored some of the group-keys in their search-engine. This resulted in that the scanner got into a never-ending loop with stalled name2key httpSocket threads. This has now been fixed in this version!

[NEW] *** The scanner can now scan all parcels and show in real-time the parcel-shapes in the map. You can also hover over each parcel to get each parcels details etc. It also color-encodes the parcels to make it easier for you to find problematic parcel-settings while scanning etc, and when using the full-sim scanner the scanner will be able to give you a good estimate on exactly how much of the SIM it will be able to scan from your current position.

[2010-06-10] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.6.230

[IMPROVED] *** Tracked down some severe GUI rendering-speed bottle-necks on Microsoft Windows and Linux and speed-optimized the GUI code. These bottle-necks caused the Gadget Controller to increasingly get sluggish and unresponsive in Windows and Linux when doing large full-sim scans with more than 5000 objects. This has now been fixed and the software should now run much more smoothly on Windows and Linux.

Interestingly, the Apple Macintosh build did not suffer from this problem in any large degree since the GUI-framework in Mac OS X is capable of rendering the GUI 100+ times faster, so there were no noticeable slowdowns on mac. However, the optimization has been done for macintosh too, so the mac-version may feel slightly more snappy and quicker too.

No need to update the Secondlife-HUD this time. This version is only a software-update for the Gadget Controller.

[2010-06-01] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.6.229

[FIXED] *** The key2name could in some rare cases stall and permanently stop resolving the keys in the background while scanning. The result of this would be that the object-browser only showed UUID keys instead of owner/creator names. This has now been fixed by adding a more advanced fail-safe guard that will repair any stalled threads and continue resolving the keys.

[FIXED] *** In some rare cases the search-window were unable to return the correct amount of objects when double-clicking on a owner-name inside the SIM/Parcel-Statistics tab. This has now been solved and the search-window should now return the correct objects again.

[2010-05-27] Changes in Universal Gadget Controller - Version 1.6.226

[NEW] *** Added ability to adjust the amount of drone-threads in the Universal Gadget Controller software. This will enable you to speed up the scan considerably if you got a computer with a good CPU and a good internet connection. If you got a decent computer setup you should be able to experience up to 200-300% increase in speed if using the max amount of threads.

Please read more about this at this link: Full-SIM Object-Scanner - Full-SIM Scanner

[IMPROVED] *** Some minor tweaks and optimizations of the object-handler code.

[2010-05-20] Changes in Version 1.5.225

External software version: V1.5.225
Secondlife HUD version: V2.0.225

More than 500'000 prim's have been (in)voluntarily scanned while making this new release! And in the after-math, not a single one of them needed sessions with a prim-psychiatrist!

[NEW MAJOR] *** Total re-wite of the scanning engine. Major improvements in the full-sim scanning results. People have reported to me that the scanner was experiencing heavy failure in finding objects in regions where there are a very large amount of prims. I have spent the last two weeks now doing heavy testing and research and I have found the problem that caused it to fail. The problem was that LSL scripts inside the HUD and the probes just did not have enough power to handle the enormous amount of data. This forced me into starting all over and designing a brand new communication and data-processing layer. Took me about 150+++ hours of work to make this new engine, but I'm very happy now! I have been going crazy with scanning-tests in all kinds of sandboxes now and the new engine in this release seems to work perfect!

The completely new scanning-engine now returns very stable and reliable results in just about any sim i've tested it on, And the engine is about 5-10 times faster when used on smaller parcels too!

Thank you for being patient about this issue! It has now been solved!

[NEW MAJOR] *** Added real-time object-maps in main window, search-window, and in the SIM-statistics tab. (You can turn the map on/off by clicking on the tiny "map" toggle on top of the maps.

[NEW] *** Added ability to compare saved snapshots (Use "Compare Snapshots" button in the main tools window that appears when you run the software)

[NEW] *** The position of the scanner itself now shows on the map as a green sphere (Radius 25 meters)

[NEW] *** added "custom height scan" sliders in the Full-SIM Scan window instead so people can customize the height more easily. Shortly put, TOTAL FREEDOM in how the scan should work.

[NEW] *** Added a internal uuid-key 2 avatar-name cache to speed up conversion-process.
[NEW] *** Added a internal group-key 2 name cache to speed up conversion-process.

[FIXED] *** Added a iconify/minimize button on top of the main tools window.

[FIXED] *** Lots of tiny "twirls" and small issues.

[2010-05-12] Changes in Version 1.3.210

[NEW] *** Major re-write of the whole scanner-core and it's windows so that all the code can easily be multi-threaded.

[NEW] *** You can now run unlimited amount of scans at the same time. Just click on the "Open New Object-Scanner" button to create as many object-scanners you need. Now you can scan all your sims at the same time, and you can also browse and analyze as many snapshots you want at the same time.

[NEW] *** Added a progress-bar when loading large snapshots.

[NEW] *** when scanner has connected, the window-title automatically changes to: "Scan: "

[NEW] *** The Search-window now automatically renames itself to "Search: "

[NEW] *** added a "log" button lower right side of the object scan window. Click on this to more easy read the text from the scroll-text status-bar at bottom of the window.

[IMPROVED] *** Made the "load snapshot" multi-threaded so the software windows does not freeze while loading a large sized snapshot with thousands of objects. Speed-optimized the loader.

[IMPROVED] *** Improved many of the message-windows so they look better and work more correct regarding its parent-window positions etc.

[IMPROVED] *** made search window auto-size and position over the current object window

[FIXED] *** bug: when aborting save snapshot, it still says snapshot saved after the abort. This is now fixed.

[FIXED] *** fixed a property-array loop bug in objectDatabaseHandler.resolveGroupKeyToName function, it used wrong bounding calculations and resulted in unnecessary slow speed when using the search-window

[CHANGED] *** Removed the old debug system, and added a much easier "log" button at lower right side of the object-browser window instead.

[2010-05-10] Changes in Version 1.2.206

[NEW] *** added a new tab in the main object-browser window called "SIM/Parcel Statistics", Use this tab to quickly see exactly how many prims each unique owner uses in the SIM/parcel. Perfect for knowing exactly who uses prims and exactly how much prims they use! Just double-click on a selected name in the statistics list, or right-click and select "Show Objects" to quickly find all objects for the selected owner.

[NEW] *** added a very useful save/load snapshot system. Now you can save a complete search and then load it again next time you run the scanner and instantly get to the exact point you left off last time! No need to do another scan again if you just need to continue analyzing large amount of objects. (Within a couple weeks I will also add a powerful compare system that takes advantage of this snapshot system, then you can instantly see what new objects has been put in the sim since last time you scanned, or you can also instantly see what objects that has been deleted since last time you scanned)

[NEW] *** made the search-window spawn as a new thread so you can now do multiple searches at once if necessary.

[NEW] *** added "total objects" and "total prims" at the bottom of the search-window. Now it will be much easier to see just how many prims/objects you find when searching for keywords

[NEW] *** Added a extra "filter" in the search-window. now you can select to search for all object-types, or just select "active" or "passive". You will find this filter at the right side of the search-input field in the search-window.

[FIXED] *** Linux GUI on some Linux distros made the buttons in the Windows to cut the font. This is now fixed and all Linux distros should now display the button-fonts correctly.

[FIXED] *** When exiting the software when the windows was in fullscreen-size, the next time it opened it would be vertically truncated. This is now fixed and should work correct on all platforms.

[IMPROVED] *** Various tweaks in the windows automatic appearance-controls when opening/closing windows

[2010-05-07] Changes in Version 1.0.204
Finally, it's here! This is the official release version, and the product is available for purchase.

[NEW, 1.0.204] *** make the probes be temp on rez when rezzed, that way there will be no prim garbage if scripts not working properly

[NEW, 1.0.204] *** make the export function automatically use the sim name in the filename

[FIXED, 1.0.204] *** Fixed a bug where sometimes the window could accidentally get out of bounds (negative X/Y pixel position)

[NEW, 1.0.204] *** Make the software check for updates less often.

[2010-04-22] Changes in Version 0.9.201

[NEW] *** Made a user-friendly windows-installer (Inno Setup) with easy un-install feature for the controller software

[FIXED] *** The windows on macintosh would in some rare cases move UNDER the top menu-bar if the size is reset. This is now fixed.

[FIXED] *** group-name search did not work properly. This has now been fixed and the advanced search should now properly search through all known group-names

[IMPROVED] *** make the export function automatically use the sim name in the filename

[2010-04-07] Changes in Version 0.9.200

[FIXED] *** The SLUrl generation somehow malfunctioned and the sim-name in the URL got wrongly deleted when exporting and when viewing object details. This has now been fixed.

[2010-04-04] Changes in Version 0.9.199

IMPORTANT!!! Due to the new license-system integrated in the new beta, do NOT worry! It will tell you the first time you only got 4 days left of the license, but in reality this is not true since all beta-testers will ofcourse get UNLIMITED PERMANENT license as a thanks for being a beta-tester. All beta-versions older than 0.9.198 will automatically stop working within a few days so be sure to upgrade all parts to 0.9.199 and newer as soon as possible.

[CHANGED] *** The name of the in-world HUD and external software has been renamed to more correctly reflect it's purpose in the present and future updates.

The new name of the HUD is: "Full-SIM Object Scanner Pro x.x.xxx (WEAR ME)"
The new name of the external software is: "Conover's Universal Gadget Controller Vx.x.xxx"

[NEW] *** Added advanced multi-level license system. This means the product can now be used as a time-limited subscription-service in addition to also be a permanent-usage license system. This will make it's use in the future much more versatile for many kind of users, all from causal users to professional full-time object hunters in secondlife. This also will make sure it will be very easy for me to distribute time-limited full-featured demo-versions of the product in the future.

[NEW] *** Most of the windows in the external software now remembers their positions and sizes, they also reset themselves if your screen resolution has changed to make sure they never get out of bounds.

[NEW] *** When debug window opened, you will now see the path to where configuration-files are stored on your computer, incase you need to make backups etc of it.

[FIXED] *** The "sim scan is finished" popup message in the external software wrongly triggered even tho there was no sim-scan active. THis has now been fixed.

[CHANGED] *** debug-data window has now been moved into "advanced" button to save space for other new features in the future.

[IMPROVED] *** Tweaked the HTML export-generator a bit.

[CHANGED] *** if the hud is rezzed on ground, self-destruct after 3 months if it has not been used in this time-span.

[IMPROVED] *** Improved the auto-update system of the HUD

[2010-03-26] Changes in Version 0.9.198

PS! Due to internal changes of communication protocols, you need to upgrade both software and AOS HUD to at least 0.9.198 for it to work correctly.

[IMPROVED] *** Further optimized the drones to ignore objects outside the parcel if in parcel-scan mode to increase speed and lower script load. When used on small parcels it should boost the speed considerably.

[IMPROVED] *** Improved full-sim progress-bar in the scanenr software. You will now more easy see just how far the scan is at all times.

[IMPROVED] *** Optimized the communication-protocols between the HUD and the probes to lower CPU and Lag.

[IMPROVED] *** Optimized the drone-rezzer system so it automatically adjusts itself to the Grey-Goo Fence system built by Linden labs. This will improve the scanning of large parcels considerably. From 50-200% speed increase, depending on Sim-speed etc.

[IMPROVED] *** Various optimizations in the scanner code. The scanner should now be in average 2 times faster at scanning both small parcels and large parcels.

[FIXED] *** Fixed a problem where very tiny parcels failed to be scanned by the drones. Now the scanner should work 100% on all kinds of parcel-sizes.

[FIXED] *** When tping to another sim with noscript, and when tping back to another sim with scripts enabled again, the hud was unable to send a proper re-init of it's internal object-server. This has now been fixed by adding special server watch-dog code.

[NEW] *** added a button for removing the Object-Locator. Now you can more easy remove the locator after you are finished using it. CLick on "advanced" button in the scanenr software, then click "Remove Object-Locator".

[2010-03-23] Changes in Version 0.9.197

[FIXED] *** Due to that Linden Labs has changed how their secret "Grey-Goo Fence" system works, previous version of the SIM-scanner probes had severe problems with stability. This has now been fixed by adding a advanced auto-throttling and monitoring system and the SIM-scanner should now produce 100% stable results in just about any kind of SIM.

[NEW] *** perfectionized Full-SIM scan:
- removed all manually-selectable modes and added advanced artificial intelligence.
- The artificial intelligence is capable of dynamically changing patterns, speeds and scan-resolution as it sees fit. No need to wonder about what mode to select manually.
- added high-resolution sensory-systems. Similar to what has been used in my old AOS HUD, but heavily optimized and more efficient. Now each sensor have a resolution of 240 objects per sensor, instead of the old 16-object limit.
- Due to this major overhaul of the SIM-Scanner, the scanner is now capable of finding all primes in the SIM without using the older "slow-mode".

[NEW] *** when in parcel-only mode, the Full-SIM scanner automatically detects the parcel and makes the scan much faster, specially when used on small parcels.

[NEW] *** Added a warning-popup when trying to close the main-window. This will prevent accidental shutdown of the scanner.

[CHANGED] *** "Current parcel only" is now the new default-setting when starting the scanner-software. You need to select "Full-SIM" to make the scanner scan the whole SIM.

[VARIOUS] *** Various under-the-hood optimizations and stability-improvements.

2010-03-21 - Changes in Version 0.9.196
[NEW] *** When pushing connect button, it should check if the key is already existing in the connection-manager. if key not found, suggest to the user to add it in CM (Connection-manager) for easier connection later.

[NEW] *** added a new row where the distance from the user is shown. Now you will see the distance between your avatar and the object in near real-time.

[NEW] *** added ability to only include objects from the current parcel the avatar/hud is standing on. Use the selector at the right side of the "search" button in the main scanner-window to select between showing results from "All parcels" around you, or use "Current parcel only" to only include objects that are located at the same parcel as your avatar is standing on.

[NEW] *** add ability to change the connection-key by left-clicking on the HUD inside Secondlife.

2010-03-12 - Changes in Version 0.9.195
[FIXED] *** On rare occasions the realtime search-window made the scanner to crash if it attempted to seach for new entries in the middle of receiving new data from the AOS Extreme scanner Object.
This was mainly caused by the internal cache that handles resolving of group-keys to group-names info
All crash-occurences due to this cache-problem has now hopefully been sorted out.

[CHANGED] *** Changed some minor internal workings in the auto-reconnection system to make it less stressing towards the DNS server.

Please email any bugs to my email address - use "AOS Extreme - bug report" as subject for priority processing

2010-03-09 - Changes in Version 0.9.194

Initial beta-release. The alpha-stage testing stage has been done and the system seems to work 100% stable now. It's time for bumping it to beta-stage.

Please email any bugs to my email address - use "AOS Extreme - bug report" as subject for priority processing