Full-SIM Object-Scanner - Frequently asked questions

Question: Will this scanner work on the new Mac OSX Mountain Lion?

Answer: Yes it will! But you may need to do a extra step the first time you use it. You will find instructions on this page.

Question: Where can i purchase a copy of the scanner?

Answer: You can purchase a valid license of the scanner at the Secondlife marketplace

Question: Will this scanner require any personal information like usernames, passwords etc?

Answer: NO! This software works by directly connecting to Secondlife SIM’s using normal HTTP connections and communicates directly with the objects inside the virtual world, running completely independent. Due to this, there is no need to provide any usernames, passwords or any other kind of personal information at all. Metaphorically speaking you can look at this scanner-software as a very advanced data-browser specially designed to handle secondlife-data as fast and efficient as humanly possible.

Question: Will this scanner work with any kind of secondlife-viewer?

Answer: Yes. This software works perfect with all kinds of Secondlife viewers, and it works with Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and various Linux Distros.

Question: Is the Universal-Controller software and the Full-SIM Object-Scanner System legal to use in Secondlife?

Answer: Yes. This software complies 100% to Secondlife’s TOS usage-policy. However, you still must follow the rules of Secondlife and not abuse or use the information gathered by this tool to greif or cause harm to anyone. This is a very powerful object-scanner designed to be used in constructive tasks, like finding lost items, helping other people find lost items, keep track of your objects on your parcels, rentals, Sim/Regions etc.

Question: There is a export-function in this software, does this mean I can copy objects from secondlife?

Answer: No. The export function of this software only exports the exact same detail-information as you see in the main object-browser. It only exports data like object names, owners, creator names, positions etc. so you can easy share your findings with friends or sim-managers etc. so other people can easy find the objects you have been searching for with this software.

Question: Will this software install anything on my system?

Answer: Yes. You will need to install a special software called “Universal Gadget Controller”. However, it does NOT require any add-ons, SDK’s or anything. It will NOT tamper with any of your existing system-files at all. Just unzip and run.

Question: Will this software change any settings or files on my computer?

Answer: No. This software does not change, tamper or read any kind of settings or data from your computer, except from reading it’s own data included in the zip package.

Question: Is it possible to un-install the software after I have used it?

Answer: Yes, ofcourse. Just use the un-installer included in the package to do this.

Question: Will the scanner cause lag on my sim?

Answer: No. Since 99% of all the CPU-Intensive tasks are located inside the controller-software on your computer, the scanner uses very little resources from the sim/region.

Question: Secondlife will soon have a new memory-limitation on all in-world gadgets, will this scanner consume too much memory?

Answer: No. The scanner itself has a very small memory-print. It also has a memory-throttling system that makes sure the limit does not exceed the parcel’s limits at any time.

Question: What happends if the creator of this software suddenly decides to leave Secondlife or stop supporting it? Will the software stop working?

Answer: Secondlife might have a lot of developers with incredible short attention-span, jumping all over the place and suddenly leaving their customers behind.
Just to be crystal-clear: I am NOT one of them. Period.


Got any other questions not answered in the documentation? Please send any questions to my email address.