Full-SIM Object-Scanner - Terminal/Console V1.0.7 Alpha

Download the Terminal/Console version (OSX/Linux/Win bundle)

(You will find the change-log read me file inside the zipped archive)

(For hardcore computer-geeks only!)

This is a simple terminal/command-line/console version of the scanner, intended to be used together with CRON/automated server-scripts, in order to automate daily full-sim scans and automatically save snapshots onto your local disk.

On Linux / Mac OSX you should be able to run as many terminal-scanners as you like at the same time, limited only by your available bandwidth. On Windows however, I would not recommend running more than one fsoscanner at any time to avoid a potential overload of Microsoft’s Windows rather limited HTTP-sockets.

Anyways, unzip the package after download, then use "fsoscanner help" in terminal/console to print out quick-docs on how to use the scanner.

Current limitation is that the scanner auto-generates the snapshot filename, and due to that, you should only run the scanner once per day, per sim, since the filename gets the date attached to the filename automatically so if you run scans more than once per day, for the same sim, the snapshot file for that same day will then obviously be overwritten.

You can set the snapshot save-dir by first "CD" into the directory you want it to save to, before you run the scanner itself. I did it this way since it is much easier to handle the different directory-structures on multiple platforms this way.

The fsoscanner will by default print out alot of debug data into the “stdOut” terminal window while it's running, for debugging purposes incase it should not work as intended. Just redirect this data to >NIL: or a stdout file if you wish to keep the logs.

If you choose to use this command-line/terminal scanner, please let me know how it goes ok!

Thomas Conover.