Phoenix / Firestorm range-enhancer

This HUD controller is actually the phoenix-bridge which connects the Phoenix / Firestorm super-powers directly into the security orb. So be sure to use this HUD if you want it super-charged by Phoenix / Firestorm! It will radically boost the performance of this security orb and lower the lag! Please read the Phoenix / Firestorm section of the docs to learn more about this awesome feature.

HUD Controller

This security system includes an optional HUD controller. The HUD controller is a tiny and subtle 1-prim button on your screen, which will enable you to control your security orbs in an instant, no matter where you are located in the SIM!

The HUD controller can control one orb at a time, or control all security orbs in the SIM simultaneously.

The HUD contains only one tiny subtle looking button, with only 4 scripts inside it, which makes it incredible low-lag and fast-working.

The HUD is copyable and transferable, which enables you to give it out to all of your sub-administrators for free

How to get the HUD

Click on the security orb, then click “Page 2” button, then click the “Get HUD” button.

Then accept the inventory-offer. You will now have a HUD in your inventory with name “LSO HUD (Wear me!)

Right-Click on the LSO HUD in your inventory and select “Wear”. You will then find a small red/green colored button at the center top part of your screen. It is very tiny and subtle, specifically designed to be out of the way, but still accessible when needed. You can hide the hover-text of the HUD by clicking on it then selecting “Prefs”.

You can attach the HUD to any available HUD-slot you want. This is great if you already got other HUD’s attached already. To choose another HUD-slot, just right-click on the HUD in inventory, then choose “Attach to HUD” and then choose one of the free spots in the list.

HUD features
You can quickly ban and eject people with the HUD, and you can do this even if the security orb is not running. Then it kinda acts like a manually operated security system. Great if you want to use it as a club-security device and quickly get rid of griefers etc.

You will also be able to directly activate the security orb menu-system from anywhere in the SIm, exactly the same way as if you actually clicked on the security orb itself!

Incredible easy to use, just click on the green/red colored tiny button on your screen, then use the available buttons in the popup menu.

Renaming the Security Orbs

In order to easier identify the security orbs in the HUD controller-menu, you should rename the security orbs.

Use the command /7rename [new name] to rename the orb while you stand in-front of it.

Use a very short but descriptive name in order to make it as yeas as possible

PS! The object-name of the orb will not be changed, it’s only the internal short-name that will be renamed and show up in the HUD-menu.

HUD chat commands

The HUD has a special chat-command relay system inside it. You can use all available security orb chat-commands with it, and it does not matter where you are located in the SIM, it will work anywhere!

You just need to understand how it works. For example, all security orb commands defaults to channel 7 (/7). Let’s say you want to stop a security orb, then you would normally use the command /7stop when you stand close to the security orb right? Well, in order to use the chat-relay of the HUD, you just ADD a extra “7” to the command. Then, instead of using /7stop as you normally would, you will use /77stop instead. Same goes with all other commands:

Example: /77stop
Example: /77start
Example: /77add thomas conover

That’s it! It’s just that simple. Now you suddenly got the power to send chat-commands to your security orb, no matter where you are in the SIM. Another awesome thing is, the commands you use can be sent to a single security orb only, or to all security orbs in the same sim, simultaneously!

Pretty neat ey? :)

Another neat feature in the HUD, is the “listOrbs” menu command. Use this to quickly print out a complete list of all security orbs you have administrator-level access to in the same SIM, together with exact coordinates of their positions, and also a direct teleport-link to quickly teleport to any of the orbs if needed.

Special “All” command mode

When wearing the HUD there is a special command to use if you want to send a specific chat-command to all security orbs in the SIM, without the need to select the orb in the menu.

Just add “all” in-front of the command:

Example: /77all start
Example: /77all stop
Example: /77all add thomas conover