The journey from 2.x to 3.x

The upgrade from V2.x to V3.x has been a journey of giant proportions... “When you have broken enough bones trying to learn how to balance your body over a cliff through a tornado, on a slack and slippery rope, you will reach your destination”, they say...

All this work, which took me several months, hundreds of hours, is a big thank you to all my previous customers who faithfully followed me all the way from the beginning. And my thanks you is giving you the update completely free and a promise of keeping the updates free in the future too. I know many of you have been waiting so long. The wait is finally over. Thank you for your unconditional patience, trust and loyalty!

Major thanks and respect goes to

I have tried my best to remember every single one who participated in making this new version possible, however, please do not hate me if I accidentally forgot to add your name.

(All people on the list has given me specifically permission to publish their names)

Big thanks and respect goes to the following people, for being awesome beta-testers and people who gave me feedback, answered surveys, bug-reports and sent me virtual coffee-cups at late nights... Your work and efforts has been invaluable!

(In alphabetical order)

Adele Rhiadra
Akemi Riverstone
Amarylia Juriya
Amethyst Starflare
Angel (censored last-name on request)
Angelia Heartsdale
Angelica Laviscu
Angie Trefusis
April Towton
Astrea Jupiter
Atiya (censored last-name on request)
autumn darkrose
Bastien Falconvale
Bijou Bouvier
Bloodwain Arun
Caliope Blackadder
Celeste Python
Chief Blackhawk
Denny Denver
Desirae Beaumont
diann meriadoc
Doorman50 Oller
DragonLord Franizzi
Dreyfus Gummibaum
Gong Haramori
Helena Loxingly
Hennessey Sautereau
Ian Eros
Jerusha Copperfield
KalEl Tryce
Kang Wise
Kerry Ninetails
Kiss (censored last-name on request)
Kriztal Jupiter
Marina Sugarplum
Maverick Venom
Missbehavin Neva
Nemi (censored last-name on request)
Oma (censored last-name on request)
Pierre Aima
Pinball Lionheart
Rainer Mathy
Raveni Static
Saint Questi
Seeker (censored last-name on request)
Sekhmet Magic
Shannah Halberd
sheme navarita
Sig Waddington
Simon Fenwitch
soonar giha
Suln Mahogany
Tendrik Carr
To Mielziner
Vance Zeplin
Vita Sirnah
Wiebke Korobase
Xen Akula
Zack Preminger

And last but not least, an equal amount of thanks and respect goes to the people who asked me to keep their names secret. Your support has been equally invaluable.
Thomas Conover