Phoenix / Firestorm enhanced

This security system has the ability to connect directly into Phoenix / Firestorm SL viewers, in order to give it super-powers!

When you have connected the security system to Phoenix / Firestorm, you will instantly boost it’s scanning-performance and lowering the lag.

Not only will the security system gain instant full-sim scanning range without use of scanner-drones, it will also boost the scanning-range and protection-area of the security orb by hundreds of millions of meters up in the sky and into the ground, rendering it virtually impossible for any griefers and attackers to try teleport high into the orbital sky to avoid the security!

When activated, the security orb will then be able to instantly attack and eject anyone, even if they are located 100 million meters up in the sky

Pretty neat stuff ey?

How to connect Phoenix / Firestorm

The bridge-connector which connects the super-powers of Phoenix / Firestorm is integrated into the LSO HUD which is included in the package for free.

You might need to do some small changes to your SL viewer configuration. Read the Phoenix configuration or Firestorm configuration pages to learn how to change the needed settings, before you go onto the next steps below.

Then you must finish the setup-process by wearing the LSO HUD controller:

  1. Stand in-front of the Security Orb, then write in chat: /7gethud
  2. Accept the inventory-offer
  3. Right-click on the “LSO HUD” object inside your inventory and choose “wear”
  4. A small button at the upper center of the screen will appear
  5. If done right, the small button will turn GREEN color, indicating the Phoenix / Firestorm connection is working
  6. If the button stays RED color, it means it could not connect to Phoenix / Firestorm mode. Re-read this page and make sure you did not forget something

Once activated properly, the HUD button will turn GREEN color, which means it successfully connected the Phoenix / Firestorm into the security system.

In order to make sure the security system to be able to detect and eject anyone high up in the sky, make sure you enable “FullParcel” scan-range mode in all the security orbs you have.

To do this, click on the security orb, then select “scanRange” then click on “FullParcel”.

That’s it, you are ready to rock’n’roll.

“Griefers in the sky, BEGONE(TM)”