Full-SIM / Full-Parcel Scanner-Drones

“A picture says a thousand words… A movie tells the whole story, they say…”

Thomas Conover started developing and perfected scanner-drone technology over a period of more than 5 years in Secondlife. The first product released back in 2006 using this technology (SIM Radar Ultra V1.0) was the first commercially available Full-SIM scanner system which could scan Full-SIM’s, even in SIM’s with complex structure of ban-lines and parcel-setups. The radar took the market by storm, and suddenly there was a Thomas Conover radar in just about every SIM I was visiting.

Over the next 5 years, thousands of research-hours has gone by, hundreds of SIM’s scanned over and over, and the end result is the newest generation of them all, for the first time available in the Land Security Orb V3.x.

It has been a long and hard road in order to make the drones become both rock stable and reliable, making an intelligent autonomous neighbor-avoidance system and at the same time keeping the lag at the very lowest possible. The drones also instantly detect the total area they will be doing it’s work, and will only rez as many drones as necessary to cover the whole parcel/SIM. Smaller parcel = 1 drone only, bigger parcels = more will be used only if necessary.

The next generation scanner-drones are finally here, and the Land Security Orb V3.x will work flawlessly with as good as zero lag and never spam or clutter up your neighbor’s parcels at all.

This technology is based heavily on the success of my Full-SIM Object Scanner cross-platform software which I used over 1.5 years to develop.

“Perfection takes a lot of time; but once you realize you made it, it tastes sweet like pie.”

I hope you all will enjoy the hard work I’ve put into this.

Thomas Conover.