Version history

[2012-08-08] - Changes in 3.5.73 to 3.5.75
★★★ FIXED: Due to some changes in newest version of CasperLet rental boxes, the orb failed to detect the rental box when trying to link it. This has now been fixed and all new versions of CasperLet rental boxes should now work properly when trying to link them.

PS! If you already have properly linked rental boxes you do NOT need to update the orbs! This is only needed if you are planning on linking NEW rental boxes.

[2012-07-19] - Changes in 3.5.61 to 3.5.73
★★★ IMPROVED: Improved the scriptable controller-API for supporting a future/planned Grid-Wide remote-control system. More details about what this is will be released at a later point.

★★★ IMPROVED: Optimized the adminHandler memory to ensure more stable operation in extremely heavy traffic SIM's.

★★★ IMPROVED: Improved protection of landlord-admins and tenant names when using the security orb together with CasperLet & Hippo rental boxes. Now it should no longer be possible to accidentally remove a locked admin.

★★★ IMPROVED: Plus some other minor code-optimization and bug-fixes.

[2012-04-16] - Changes in 3.4.52 to 3.5.61
★★★ NEW: Completely new Full-Parcel scanning engine! The new engine does not use drones anymore, and the scanning-speed for a complete parcel-coverage regardless of how small or big it is has been improved by more than 1'000%! Yes, you read right! The scanning engine is 10 times faster, and ultra-low lag! :)

★★★ NEW: The LSO HUD also got this brand new scanning-engine and it is no longer needed to use phoenix/firestorm for speed-enhancements. Now all parts should work blistering fasr with extrememly low lag.

★★★ NEW: Whenever a intruder gets banned/ejected/teleported home, the avatar's last known position will be stored along with the name in the internal log. This is very helpful since then you can more easy show proof to anyone that claims they never entered your area.

★★★ FIXED: Fixed some spelling errors in some of the orb's notification messages

This is a really exciting update, I hope you all will like it! :)


[2012-04-16] - Changes in 3.4.48 to 3.4.52
★★★ IMPROVED: Some minor adjustments and optimisations to the scan-drone coordinate-calculations. Thanks to DragonLord Franizzi for testing and feedback on this process.

[2012-04-09] - Changes in 3.4.43 to 3.4.48
★★★ FIXED: A very rare bug in the scan-drone engine would sometimes cause the drones to fail working properly. This bug occurred only when the security orb was positioned closer than 4 meters to the Y-direction SIM borders. This has now been fully fixed and the drones should now work properly.

★★★ IMPROVED: The auto-updater will now properly silently wait if the global update-server is down for maintenance, instead of throwing a misleading "HTTP error" message.

[2012-04-05] - Changes in 3.4.40 to 3.4.43
★★★ NEW: Added commands /7mute and /7unmute : These commands will enable you to fully mute all textual intruder-alerts in chat history if you find them annoying to get.

★★★ NEW: Added a "MutePopup" button in the intruder-alert popup-windows. With this new button you can temporary mute all further popup alerts until you stop and start the orb again. Perfect if you really want to get some 100% silence sometimes.

★★★ IMPROVED: Added some more tool-tips in the UnBan menu option incase someone needs to reset the whole ban list.

[2012-04-03] - Changes in 3.3.26 to 3.4.40
FIXED: Fixed a rare occurring problem with long avatar-names when adding sub-admins.

NEW: Added support for linking the security to CasperLet rental-boxes

IMPROVED: improved scan-drone move-engine with lower lag and improved ability to avoid complex shaped "no entry" borderlines.

★★★ CHANGED: Renamed "Hippo-Activator.script" to "RentalBox-Activator.script"

★★★ CHANGED: Changed command "/7hipposet" to "/7rentalset"

★★★ CHANGED: Changed command "/7hippo unlink" to "/7rental unlink"

★★★ CHANGED GUI: In page 2 in control-menu, changed menu-item "Hippo-Link" to "Rental-Link"

★★★ CHANGED GUI: Changed control menu-item "HippoSet" to "RentalSet"

Web-pages changed / added in this update:
Automatic rental-box linking
Hippo Rental installation
CasperLet Rental Installation
Chat-commands overview

[2011-11-15] - Changes in 3.2.21 to 3.3.26
★★★ NEW: chat command: /7warnverbal off/on
This new command will enable you to manually turn on/off the sending of automatic warning messages and popups to possible intruders. It can sometimes be good to turn this off (making it fully silent) if you need it.

★★★ NEW: chat command: /7warncache on/off
By default, if you use a preset warningtime, each visitor will be recorded and the amount of time they spend on your private land will be stored. This will prevent the intruder from comming back if they have used more time than you have set with the warningtime. However, in some special scenarios, some people might want to give each visitor a NEW time limit each time they re-visit. For example, if you use the security orb as a anti-camper system in your shop, you should give the visitors REFRESHED warningtime each time they visit. you can do that by using command "/7warncache off". turning the warncache off will reset the warningtime each time they visit.

★★★ NEW: chat command: /7warnmessage [your custom message goes here]
Now you can fully customize the warning message each possible intruder will get. if you just use /7warnmessage without any text after it, it will reset back to default warning.
you can also define in the warning message where their names will be inserted, and also inform how many seconds they will have until they will be ejected.

Example: /7warnmessage Welcome to my home [name]. This is private property and you will have [s] seconds of time before you will be automatically ejected from the land.

You can insert the two special tags [name] and [s] to define where the intruders name and how many seconds they have to leave in your messages.

Changed web-pages:

Chat-commands overview

[2011-10-28] - Changes in 3.0.18 to 3.2.21
★★★ NEW: Added ability to change message-priority on iPhone and Android push messages. This means, you can assign different sound-alerts on your phone to distinguish between different security orbs / other products that support push messages. You can change sound-alerts in the preferences/settings on your phone.

Use command /7msgpri [number] to change priority. Priority can be between -2 and +2, where zero is "normal" and -2 is lowest and +2 is highest priority

Example, highest priority:
/7msgpri +2
Example, lowest priority:
/7msgpri -2
Example, normal priority:
/7msgpri 0

Changed web-pages:

Instant PUSH alerts, Priority

[2011-08-26] - Changes in 3.0.12 to 3.1.18
★★★ IMPROVED: Heavily improved traveling-logic (Artificial Intelligence) for the scanner-drones. Some people with oddly shaped parcels reported problems with the drones. Now the drones should be able to travel any kind of parcel-shape correctly, even incredible strange shapes like L-shapes, T-shapes, X-shapes, completely random-shaped parcels etc.

Watch this movie for a technology-demo of how the scanner-engine really works "under the big secret hood"

★★★ FIXED: Some small typos in alert messages both in the security-orb and the HUD.

Changed web-pages:

Hippo Rental Configuration
Big Thanks to…
The technology…

[2011-08-15] - Changes in 3.0.1 to 3.0.12
★★★ NEW: In Hippo-rental mode, you can now define a few permanent sub-admins which does not get deleted from the list when in rental-mode.
- Use commands:
/7addadminrental + full name (Add a new permanent rental-admin)
/7removeadminrental + full name (removes one of the rental-admins)
- To list current registered rental-admins, click on orb, click LIST, then click ListAccess.

★★★ NEW: Backup-unit now also makes a backup of any rental-admins inside the orbs.

★★★ NEW: Added a way to permanently turn of the red colored scanner-bubble when starting/stopping the orb, as requested, since some people found it intrusive.
- Use commands:
/7bubble off (Permanently turns off the bubble)
/7bubble on (Permanently turns off the bubble)