Full-SIM Object-Scanner - Firewall information

PS! You do NOT need to change any settings in your firewall. This software is designed to work 100% automatic with any kind of firewalls, like NAT Routers, Mac OS X firewall, Windows firewall etc.

You will notice this software attempts to connect to at least four different locations:

These locations are:

- *.thomas-conover.com (Auto-update checking of the software)
- *.thomas-conover-subserv.com (for Secondlife Object-DNS resolving purposes)
- *.amazonaws.com (For resolving group-keys of the objects using secondlife search-engine located at *.amazonaws.com)
- *.agni.lindenlab.com (For connecting to the Secondlife Sim/Region directly)

*.agni.lindenlab.com has thousands of dynamically created sub-domains (one sub-domain for each Sim/Region that exists inside Secondlife)

If you got any unanswered question about this software, please contact me (Thomas Conover) directly and ask any questions you like. I will be happy to give you as much information as possible.