Full-SIM Object-Scanner - System limitations

You can purchase a valid license of the scanner at the Secondlife marketplace

In normal circumstances the scanner should be able to scan and find all objects inside the region/sim you use it. However, there are some things that might cause the scanner not to run optimal.

1: If you got a SIM that has many small parcels with different owners, and some owners has put on various protection, like object entry protections, or prevents scripts from running on their parcels, the scanner might be unable to find the objects located on those parcels that has this kind of protection. To fix this if you are a sim owner, please tell the owners of the parcels to at least allow object-entry and running scripts for all residents if you want the scanner to run properly in the whole region.

2: The full-sim scanner part of the scanner uses special high-resolution scanner-probes to scan the region. If there are a very large amount of objects located in a very tiny/constrained area, sometimes even these high-res probes will “overload” and not being able to return the correct amount of data. However, this particular problem should only occur in very rare cases, since the probes should be able to handle at least 250 objects in each scan-block. Each scan-block is about the size of 40x40x40 meters. As long as theres less than 250 objects within this scan-block, the scanner should be able to run correctly.

However, if anyone using the scanner experience any problems finding all the objects, please contact Thomas Conover immediately. I constantly try to improve the scanning probe’s resolution and effectiveness by visiting the problematic areas to find solutions how to make the scanner even better.

Nevertheless, the scanner has been tested in many different sim’s and scenarios and should normally never experience this problem.


Got any other questions not answered in the documentation? Please send any questions to my email address.