Full-SIM Object-Scanner - How To Hunt Lag

Screen Shot 2011-08-19 at 07.38.00

Hunting objects which lags down your SIM has never been so easy.

When looking at the main object-browser (see picture above), pay attention to the field with name “Time [% Lag]

The “Time” field shows how much CPU-Time each object is using, in milliseconds. This is identical to the “Time” field in “Top Scripts” window in the Estate Tools, which Private SIM Owners has access to. The Full-SIM Object Scanner gives you access to this very useful information without needing estate manager powers at all. Anyone can use it! The higher the number is, the more lag the object creates. Behind the number is a percentage-measurement of exactly how much lag it causes in the SIM. The percentage is the amount of CPU power the scripts use on the server.

The higher percentage you see, the more lag the object/avatar is causing in the SIM.

That’s how you hunt lag in Secondlife.

Happy Lag Hunting. :)